Blast-Off Coffee


Coffee for your Genius

Ever find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee when #CreativeGeniusYOU starts to falter? You’re in good company. 83% of American adults drink coffee every day to relax, to stimulate, to socialize, to awaken, or just because it tastes so darn good!

We love coffee so much that we teamed up with coffee expert, Dawn Pinaud to create the perfect #CreativeGenius blend.

Dawn has a long history in coffee. She worked with Starbucks in its infancy, and when it all got too corporate for her, she moved on and created blends for awesome companies the world over. Dawn eats, drinks, and breathes coffee and helped mix this #BlastOff blend just for you!

Stimulate your genius with this incredible coffee, perfect for espresso, press pots, drip, or cold brew. It’s a deep, rich, velvety smooth blend with notes of fruit and chocolate. Fresh as can be, this coffee is custom roasted in small batches and packed and shipped within 24 hours.

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$6.95 for the first bag.
$2.00 for each additional.

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  1. Love the coffee! Especially the dark, bold flavor that comes with no bitter after taste. First cup in the morning lives up to it’s name,”blast-off coffee”.

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