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The most common problem I hear people running into when it comes to drawing their future is that they can’t think of an image to represent a particular concept. That’s where this icon guide comes in. Use this downloadable booklet to get ideas for icons and images to describe any situation.

You can copy icons, trace them, alter then, mix them together, or just draw inspiration from them. Use them to draw your own future, or to sharpen you skills in graphic recording, Whatever you’re doing, it can never hurt to have an arsenal of images at hand.

Remember, you don’t need to be an artist to draw your future. All you need to do is create an icon that makes sense to YOU.

Happy goal setting!

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    such a great idea – had already done some drawing but this simplifys the whole thing already undersand how to “icon ise” some things i want to draw that aren’t on this list – thankyou Patti x

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