Up Your Visual Thinking Toolkit


Supercharge Your Meetings

Whether we consider ourselves visual learners or not, brain science has show that all of us use pictures to help us make sense of the world.

Did you know that when you draw in meetings, you can decrease meeting time by 28% faster?*

But what if I can’t draw? No problem! This super fun, exciting, visual thinking workshop-in-a-box will have you and your team up and drawing at the whiteboard in less than 5 minutes. Learn simple, effective visual thinking techniques to keep your meetings fun, engaging and effective.

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Learn How To

• Energise Your Meetings
• Increase Productivity
• Draw using simple icons and symbols
• Visualise your strategy
• Make meeting fun AND productive


• Facilitator's Guide
• Game Cards
• Meeting Planning Templates
• Annotated Agenda
• Participant visual tracing cheat sheet
• Tutorial Video


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