Goal Setting Isn’t Rocket Science

Boost your organizational genius! Visual goal setter Patti Dobrowolski captivates and inspires audiences using the business leadership tool of the future: Drawing Solutions.

TEDx speaker, critically acclaimed comic performer, writer and business consultant, Patti’s innovative visual keynotes, break out and gamestorming sessions inspire employee and leadership creativity. Need to clearly identify and communicate what’s changing in your business while capturing the genius of your leaders at all levels? Patti’s Snapshot of the Big Picture process has helped to transform NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, B2Bs and startups around the globe. Leaders at all levels are able to translate and communicate their vision of the future using a simple, effective visual.

Set your goals, envision your desired future, create positive change, enhance culture and accelerate team performance for a better bottom line.

Goal setting isn’t rocket science! Patti Dobrowolski will help launch you and your company into a whole new world.

Upcoming Workshop

Graphic Recording Class
Seattle, May 1st

Graphic Recording Class

Learn the basics of graphic recording and add visual thinking to your toolbox. No experience needed!

Participants will learn how to effectively listen, take quick, accurate notes, draw basic images, and learn easy formats for marrying with organizational development or coaching practices including brainstorming, gap analysis, strategic planning. The approach is one of action learning participants will also practice how to Graphic Record a keynote speaker.

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